Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A note from a long time ago....

On a recent trip home, to Nigeria, I found a bunch of my old poetry and short story books! Between when I was 13 years old and 17 years old, I found this poem in one of them and I have no clue who this poem is for, but I felt like sharing it any ways! Maybe I'll share more later!
It currently  has no name, but feel free to give it one...

I think of you
And i think of all things, unachievable
I see your face
but I have to ask myself
Is it really yours?

Time and time again,
I see them
and then I remember
a world of hurt and pain
I think a new story will begin with you
but it seems that in the end
I see too much of them in you

I like you
I really do
but i love myself more
and the pain that would be the outcome of being with you
I cant deal with
Please dont beg me, or try to convince me otherwise
There's too much of them in you, the pain is inevitable.
This may really sound selfish
But I've been drowning for too long
And I need to come up for air
I need to breathe
I need to live
......I'm so sorry...

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