Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wind in my hair
Salt on my lips
Taking in my mental escape
This is my go to place, you know....
The beach
I hate the beach, but I love it too all at the same time
I hate large bodies of water, but then again they give me peace
My mental runaway
Just me, walking right there on the water
Wind in my hair, salt on my lips escape!
Love doesnt live here anymore
Checked out years ago
Just uped and left
Oh , but not before it, folded my things up in his bags and strolled out
Like it was nothing
Well, I kinda want my stuff back
I have searched for love
But he is so damn elusive!
I have called the cops, hired private investigators
look at me stalking happy couples
Staring into their eyes for love
Just to tell him, to please give me my stuff back
Where is love?
Please ask him ever so nicely, all y'all who have had a chance encounter with him
All I want is my stuff back....
A cool November breeze
gentle stroked my neck, tossing my hair back, ever so slightly
The smell of wet grass at my feet
I searched it out
A huge sign to say Welcome home,
This place, that I toiled for
This place in my mind, built
Come to reality
This place so far, now I see so clear
I search for the sign to say, Welcome